Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stay Focused on Mindless Media

Do you find yourself getting distracted when trying to numb your mind? Read on...

Years ago a friend and I were going door to door (not an easy thing for me) and ended up in a very peculiar house. The resident told us about an invention he was working on and brought us to a room which housed the said innovation. He opened the door and we beheld a room full of gadgets and wires, connected with doodads and whatimazoots of all kinds. It reminded me of the kind of thing that used to be common in 80's movies, where gears, conveyors and ropes connected to household gadgets would go through a huge process to produce a piece of toast or feed the dog. I'm not sure what this particular thing actual did, as the door was quickly closed, perhaps to keep us from stealing the idea.

Now to the subject of the post title. I noticed that there was a round, black sticker directly in the middle of his television set- I'm guessing it was about the size of a nickel. When asked what that was for, he replied that it was so he wouldn't be distracted while watching TV! True story.

So the obvious question is, why don't TV sets come with this feature as a default? Also, why isn't there a pizza-sized black dot in the middle of the screen at the movie theaters-- what if we get distracted by a thought not related to the movie? Why don't kids wear horse blinders when they play video games? Otherwise they might catch a glimpse of a family member in their peripherals! Why don't cell phones alert their owner when they haven't sent a text message in the last 10 minutes-- what if they become aware of the friends they're actually with !?!

Thought of your own idea like the ones above? Leave it in a comment below this post!