Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Instruments of War, Part III

Well, you do want to hear a happy ending, don't you?

(Please read parts one and two before continuing.)

Due to a number of concerned readers, I've found it necessary to report that the recipient of the accordion-induced injury from part II is doing just fine. In fact, his mother recently purchased an "Instruments of War" shirt for him (see part I) and it was received with "hoots and hollers"* and instantly adorned.

[*exact words used as reported to me. I'm not generally inclined to say "hoot" or "holler". Thank you.]


Rosebud Collection said...

Good thing my accordion is in the closet. Glad it was a happy ending..
The shirt is really nice..

Jeremiah said...

Funny... I could swear that you were the person that first exposed me to the term "hoot and holler".

SpinachNPeace said...

and who doesn't like a happy ending? glad it ended like this:)

ChichiBoulie said...

Got to love a mother with a sense of humour!

RedMarionette said...

Oh man! I laughed so hard. I am glad the child is alright. My fiancee's sister just started learning the Accordian last year... brilliant shirt!