Friday, January 21, 2011

Circuit Board T-shirt

I've always been fascinated by the artistry of computer circuit boards. The one side looks like a miniature futuristic city, and on the reverse there's a hypnotizing maze of copper and green (which in itself is a great color combination). As I understand it, the copper lines are screen printed onto the circuit board, so screen printing a similar design onto a T-shirt seemed like a good idea to me.

Not having to worry about function, I created my own design in Adobe Illustrator and burned the images onto some screens. I tried all sorts of color combinations, but ultimately decided I HAD to use metallic inks to get the coolest effect. After spending nearly $50 per quart on both copper and silver inks, I struggled to figure out how to make theme look just how I wanted on the shirts. Well, after hours of trying all sorts of tricks I got it right. Worth resurrecting a blog after a year of inactivity to tell about it? I hope so!

Find it here: PhippsArt Tshirts


alansaki said...

Wow! That;s really awesome and some creative PCB design style T-Shirts. Thanks for a nice post.
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Mike Marti said...

That's a really cool idea for a shirt! I was actually doing research online on Printed Circuit Board's when I came across your blog. I would definitely wear one of those shirts!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Sounds like good. Can you please post more details about this circuit board.

Have any of youse had any experience with any pcb assembly companies that do this?

alansaki said...

Love this t-shirt.. Its suite for circuit board manufacturer employee or bosses... :)
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Mike Turk said...

Cool! I want one :P