Friday, January 16, 2009

PhippsArt $100 T-Shirt Giveaway

It's fun to give stuff away. When I grow up I wanna' be a philanthropist!

But for now I am giving away $100 worth of shirts to one winner, and one shirt to a runner up. Whoever can help me come up with a PERFECT URL will be given $100 worth of T-Shirts! To encourage more people to enter, two randomly chosen entrants will also be given a free shirt.

Here's what this is about: I'm already selling my shirts online within Etsy and Artfire, but it's time to start my own URL as a place to sell my shirts. Initially it will point people to those shops, but at some point it will be a store in and of itself.

My problem (and this is where you come in) is that I can't decide on a name! My first thought was that it should have a name relating to wearing art: wear art, wearable art, yada yada. All the best URLs along those lines are taken. So now I'm trying to just think of something off the wall- something creative and bizarre. Example: (That one's a little long).

Here are the details:


-Please send your entry to:

contest [type the @ symbol with no spaces]

-Leave a comment to this post (if you want) but please don't post your URL ideas here!

2) Deadline: The sooner the better! The contest ends when I have decided on a URL. At that point the runner-up prizes will also be chosen. If I think of the URL on my own, I will draw 3 total names for runner-up prizes (one free shirt each) from the entries (must be at least 20 entries). I want to have this URL chosen ASAP, so expect this to be a short contest!

3) PLEASE check to see if your suggestion is taken before submitting it. Simply typing it into your browser does not necessarily tell you! Go to (or somewhere similar) and type it in. You can do several at one time. I am only interested in URLs that end in .com

4) Extra stuff: You can suggest multiple ideas (which will increase your chances of winning the main prize) but will only have one entry for the random runner-up prizes. I reserve the right to reject entries that seem like you're "not even trying" and not even include them in the runner-up drawing. Example:

Winners may choose any shirts as available on
The grand prize winner will get FOUR total shirts, whether the total (including shipping) is above or below $100.

4) Hints: Here is some more information on what I'm really looking for:

The name should DEFINITELY be catchy, easy to spell, memorable, creative, and unoffensive.

It would be NICE if it is also short.

It can end in "tees" , "tshirts", "garb", "wear" etc. but doesn't have to!

One of the most popular t-shirt sites on the net is - I'd love to have something that simple and creative. Remember also that it can be REALLY off the wall! Sure!

Good luck!


Tracy said...

I just sent you a few in one email. Hopefully that doesn't disqualify me.

Michael Phipps said...

Nope, that's encouraged! Thanks!

chickscratch said...

Michael - sent you a few ideas. Good luck! -


Infinite Vision said...

Sent off my ideas..


beachyrustica said...

I'm in too! Can't wait to see the winning url!

Danica said...

Just sent you a couple suggestions (:


kim* said...


Jo said...

I sent you a lot.. I had to pull my self away, I could of gone on forever...

miriam said...

how exactly do you write your email? I have some ideas but I can't send them.

stolen_alien said...

Sending some killer ideas over

slick_as_a_chicken2000 said...

I think you said it, Maemee Jackson

anayazti_4_ever said...

this is pretty exciting, i'd be ecstatic if i won :DD

RedFeather said...

hi - i sent you 2 ideas - and no - i'm not doing this for deconstruction, my product has to be pre-owned...and i would wear these shirts everywhere! very cool!