Friday, January 30, 2009

After much deliberation I have decided on a winner for the URL contest. The chosen URL for my T-shirts is There were some really good suggestions, a few of which beat out the winner when shared with select friends and family. But ultimately I had to choose the one that sat the best with me. Funny thing is, the person who submitted this one is... myself. Um, isn't this like one of those parables where a seeker of knowledge ends up back home at the fulfillment of his quest, or finds his answer in a mirror? Um, let me get back to you on that one.

But, as promised, there are still some prize winners. I mentioned in the rules that if I chose one of my own ideas (and no, I didn't KNOW that I would) that I would still draw three runners-up to win one free shirt each. And so I did. Congratulations to Gabi, Beth and Nate & Dani, who have all been notified by email.

Now, if anyone read my new year's resolution post about being a "reformed blogger", you'll know I've already broken it. But so you know, I did spend a good deal of my non-blogging time creating the ScatterbrainTees website. I hope that's a pretty good excuse.


Anonymous said...

yay! picked out my shirt already!

catluff said...

thanks Michael i never win anything!
Fun contest and I think you picked a good choice.

gabi aka Catfluff

The Fab Miss B said...

Your site looks great and I LOVE the instruments of war tee- my hubby is an accordionist (well an aspiring one anyway) and it can certainly split heads! :)

Anonymous said...

btw, my shirt arrived and super love it. and have gotten lots of great response from it, including a friend who was uber impressed and took your url too look up your shirts.

Michael Phipps said...

Thanks everyone! Dani, I'm glad you're so happy with your shirt!