Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lyrics often work so much better in the context of a song than on paper. That's the case with those that follow, but they work better if you imagine them being sung in a bluesy, gritty tone. This is from the opening track to Captain Beefheart's bizarre and amazing work "Trout Mask Replica":

My smile is stuck
I cannot go back t' yer Frownland
My spirit's
made up of the ocean
And the sky 'n the sun 'n the moon
'n all my eye can see
I cannot go back to yer land of gloom
Where black jagged shadows
Remind me of the comin' of yer doom
I want my own land
Take my hand 'n come with me
It's not too late for you
It's not too late for me
To find my homeland
Where uh man can stand by another man
Without an ego flyin'
With no man lyin'
'n no one dyin' by an earthly hand
Let the devils burn 'n the beggar learn
'n the little girls that live in those old worlds
Take my kind hand
My smile is stuck
I cannot go back t' yer Frownland
I cannot go back t' yer Frownland

Always manages to take me out of a frownland.


SleightGirl said...

I know what you mean about lyrics...I think I'm going to have to hear this one.

missy lou said...

Beautiful! A big hand for the Captain please!

missy lou said...

nice lyrics, eh? im glad you like the trout mask replica. i love the bass line in "Im Gonna Booglarize You Baby" and The Captain's voice in "Her eyes are a Blue Million Miles".


Yeti said...

Thanks for watching the yeti cartoons! I loved your shirts. Just bought a few for the yeti cave.