Thursday, April 10, 2008

Displaying shirts

Okay, I need opinions here- which t-shirt display method is the most appealing? I guess the real question is, which is most helpful to a potential buyer on the web? I've created a poll on the right- vote there and leave a comment here if you vote "other" or for whatever other reason. Thanks!

Shirt laid out flat?
Hands shirt at Etsy

On a mannequin?
Women's turtle shirt on Etsy

Or on a human?
Men's turtle shirt on Etsy


Daina said...

It's me, your step-sister Daina! I vote for the human model. It is the most appealing way for me. Hooray for the print shop in the basement! Shawn has done some screen printing on t-shirts in the past. He really enjoys it.

solanah said...


Very nice :)