Thursday, April 10, 2008

Michael Phipps, the anti-blogger

I've been anti-blog ever since I heard the name. Examine the following list of words:


Fits right in, doesn't it? It sounds like a slimy lump in the back of my throat. Well, I'm trying to set aside my bias against the word itself, and see if writing about my art (and perhaps a few other things) proves fruitful, fun, or otherwise worthwhile.

Blog Haiku:

bleak bog of foul verb
like rotting log or sink clog
flogs my feeble mind

Well, that was fun.


littleworm said...

YOur work is beautiful. Truely amazing!

Maija said...
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La Familia Higgy said...

There are few things I like more than a good Haiku, and that, my friend, was a great Haiku!

Alice said...

I feel the same way you do about blogs. Love the haiku by the way. I've started and quit a blog several times. Currently I have one and reluctantly post on it. It helps me to post about contests and info from other blogs to help promote other authors rather than myself. I know, that kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a blog, but it does help me connect with other writers, which I guess is mainly why I'm doing it.

rsmithing said...

I agree completely. Blog is a cross between "Blah" and "ugh." But it seems we're stuck with it. Ugh.

I actually link to the podcast you recently did at a post on my site at:

I'd really like to know your perspective in the comments there if you would care to share. Thanks!