Thursday, April 17, 2008

A little too personal

Now for a few fun facts about Michael Phipps that will help you get to better understand the artist. ALL of the following , err, "fun facts" are true except ONE:

1. I lived in England at the age of 9, and had one line in the school play: "Come with me. You can't stay here. You've got to move off these parts." Not much of a flow, is there? Well, a tall, popular girl in the grade above me mocked my stony delivery. Fast forward a few decades- my sister calls to tell me she saw her former classmate being introduced as Simon Cowell's girlfriend on American Idol. How appropriate. And yes, I know I may have spelled his name wrong. I'm not going to look it up.

2. I have twice jumped out of a plane and lived to tell the tale. This coming from someone who has never jumped off a high dive.

3. Two of my friends and I added an extra name to our own to be read at our high school graduation ceremony. My bonus middle name? Elishma. My friends' names were Shmool and Eureka. My parents took it well.

4. On my honeymoon my wife and I went snowmobiling in Yellowstone. We started out far too late and ended up on a beautiful (but eerie) drive over the moonlit hills of snow and steam, trying to get back to the lodge. The snow was falling hard and I had to strain hard to see ahead. All of a sudden a buffalo was merely a few feet in front of us and I BARELY swerved to get around it. If we had of crashed, you'd be reading that buffalo's blog right now.

5. I once looked into the fridge only to find a gallon of lemon juice sitting on the shelf. I proceeded to pour myself a glass and {{GAG}} it wasn't juice- it was ammonia. I coughed and sputtered, drank a lot of milk, plead for my life, and so on. If I had of drank too much you'd be reading that buffalo's blog right now.

Okay, so they're all true. Most of them didn't end up sounding too unbelievable, so I decided not to add a fake one. Oh, and don't assume these represent the 5 most significant moments in my life, just a handful that happened to come to mind at the moment.


Crystal said...

Nice to meet Michael Phipps! I fully enjoyed getting to know you. I like your blog very much...I'll be sure to drop in often :)

BugEater said...

LOL! your "adventures" sound fun.

Looneybird Moonmaiden said...

michael elishma phipps rocks my socks! good times you've had...i like that!

XUE said...

I'm glad to read your blog & not that buffalo's blog right now! Great start !

Jessica said...

Ok, I seriously think this is the first blog article I've read that I didn't skim & that I actually laughed about. Maybe I'll start having my students call me Schmool. Sounds like fun. :)

shannon said...

Ha! I LOLed at the last line of #5. Nicely done.

La Familia Higgy said...

In some weird way I wish I could read a buffalo's blog right now. (Not in replacement of yours, though.)