Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bye Bye Birdie

I started a thread on Etsy asking for help in naming my new shirt (seen above in one of its four styles). Kind of by default I simply called it "SNIP". When I changed it to one of the names below, a bunch of people told me I should have left it! So...I changed it back. Nevertheless, here are all the suggestions. Which one do you like?

My notes are in red...

no strings attached
down to the wire
Severed connections
dont fly with scissors!
Snip... let the birds do the flying
Cut it out
chirpy-chirpy-snip-snip (Goofy but I like it!)
Cut to the Chase
bye bye birdy (Hee hee)
Off Line
very cool shirt btw (It WAS suggested, albeit jokingly)
Lorena Bobbitt shirt (Had to look this up. Oh yeah, HER. Next...)
nsa = no strings attached
cut above the rest
Evangelin shirt
Quick! My Mother-in-law is Calling!
Dropped Call
Cut Loose
Flying Without a Wire
Call Screening.
Fly away Peter, fly away Paul.......
It's time to cut the strings!
Sproing (Another favorite of my own because this shirt really is about what is GOING to happen)
going wireless
like birds with wifi...
breaking habits
The Birds.. The Scene They Didn't Show You
Live Wire


Jenn Maruska said...

I think "Going Wireless" is my favorite. It works on alot of levels and it's very clever.

LazyTcrochet said...

I thought Bye Bye Birdie was fitting. Very cool.

High Desert Diva said...

1. Bye Bye Birdie

2. Sproing

3. Snip

Cool shirt!

paper-muncher said...

1. Snip
2. Bye Be Birdie
3. Going Wireless.

Carol said...

Don't cut me loose.

I enjoy your thread! And BTW...bald is beautiful!!!