Thursday, September 4, 2008

Parsecs and Filigrees

I recently held a contest in which contestants had to wax poetic in order to win a prize. The following poem by was the clear winner, and was inspired by the shirt design above (click to see the listing in my Etsy store)

(Note: I couldn't get past the first line without pulling out the dictionary [i.e. looking at the dictionary widget on my computer])

the psychedelic eye sings
of parsecs and filigrees

its unblinking gaze is
a witness to auroras and migraines

such a solemn orb,
yet it does not weep

and on the shortest night
when you awaken from sleep
you'll find this mystic eye
regarding you, gauging you,
as it calmly goes about
creating order from chaos


missknits said...

wow congrats to the winner! very cool!

High Desert Diva said...

Fantastic poem.

(I still us the big, red, heavy Websters)